Practice Facility

For the 2021 season, the Prairie West Golf Club Practice Facility will be closed each MONDAY until 1:00 pm for scheduled maintenance. 

Prairie West Golf Club features a state of the art practice facility. Practice any shot that you will face on the course, or simply work on whatever area of your game you are looking to improve.

The short game area features a recently renovated putting surface, maintained at championship speeds. A greenside bunker allows golfers to fine tune their bunker recovery shots. Several pitching and chipping areas surround the green and give players an opportunity to practice for any lie, slope, or cut of grass they choose.

The driving range features a large teeing ground maintained at fairway height, as well as practice areas for rough lies. Realistic green targets and bunkers give players an "on course perspective," helping golfers carry their game from the range seamlessly to the course. Market yardages allow players to fine tune their distance control. The practice facility also features a fairway practice bunker.

The practice facility is open during the season daily until dark

Token Fee:

  • 1 for $5.00
  • 2 for $9.00

Season: $275.00

Contact the course directly for more information at 751.6171